wedding reception hire

along the Gold Coast 

Dive into the wilderness of our wedding reception hire 

The biggest day of your life is on the horizon, and you’re busy scouring small wedding venues from coast to coast.

Through our doors, a vivacious atmosphere packed with spirit awaits you, backed by a team that’s ready to make your special day even more memorable.

From a plethora of bar options and catering needs,  through to the finer details that make your wedding reception the truly magnificent occasion it deserves to be – we want to help you make your milestones a memory you’ll keep close to your heart for a lifetime.

Explore our beautiful spaces, stunning scenery, and supportive people that form the wonderful world of Wildernis.

Step inside and let our scene do the rest of the talking.

Creating incredible, authentic experiences is exactly what our little line of values at Wildernis stands for.

Our philosophy is entangled with the fibres of fabulous service, and even better cuisine.

Roaming within the expanse of our stunning venue, you’ll remember the feel-good vibes and unmistakable essence that our line of services have come to be known for.

With its own private entrance, bathroom, bar, and unique atmosphere, there’s nothing (and no one) set to stand in your way as you live out the most memorable evening of your life. 

Be transported to paradise

From the moment your eyes hit our fabulous space, they’ll be treated to vivid visions of laughter, beauty, romance, and brilliance. From the dance floor to the rooftop, there’s nothing like our truly remarkable venue, which we believe is a slice of life you’ll never forget. 

To find out more about the options and packages we have available to you on the Gold Coast, get in touch with our friendly team. We can help tailor the perfect service to suit your special day, alongside any essentials and requirements you need us to adhere to.

That’s our commitment to you as one of the region’s most sought-after small wedding venues.

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